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The library is at a dark corner, and looks more like a panic room. Sam switched on the light; the library is a fortune of knowledge, It had dozens of large dusty books, books that contain the tales of light and darkness, demons, ghouls, angels and nephilim, Great men who held great powers, fought wars, men who rise, and men who fell in pursuit of greatness. Paul looked around, picking and flipping the books that fascinate him.

“Paul, we are searching for a demon here, what kind of demon are we looking for?”

“The one who loves games, gambling?”


“Who is Asmodeus?” Paul said walking closer to Sam.

“In Ancient Greek he is referred to as Ashmedai, in Hebrew they call him Ashema Deva ,The demon of lechery, He is one of the kings of hell under Lucifer the emperor, He loves games, he loves to gamble, he is in charge of the gambling houses in the court of hell, It is said that he has seventy two Legions of demons under his command,” Sam picked up a black book, he dropped it on the brown shiny table.

“What’s this book ?”

“The testament of Solomon, It is a pseudepigraphical  text relating to King Solomon, although it is associated with the old testament, it was not accepted as a  canonical scripture by the Jew, Christians, Catholics ,” Sam flipped it hastily. 

“It says here that Solomon captured Asmodeus, Solomon had powers over demons, spirits, he was given power over all forces of darkness, he compelled them and controlled them”.

“So what is all this about?” Paul asked.

“Look, Asmodeus words when he was confronted by King Solomon,”

"But how shall I answer thee, for thou art a son of man; whereas I was born an angel's seed by a daughter of man, so that no word of our heavenly kind addressed to the earth-born can be overweening. Wherefore also my star is bright in heaven, and men call it, some the Wain, and some the dragon's child. I keep near unto this star. So ask me not many things; for thy kingdom also after a little time is to be disrupted, and thy glory is but for a season. And short will be thy tyranny over us; and then we shall again have free range over mankind, so as that they shall revere us as if we were gods, not knowing, men that they are, the names of the angels set over us.".

“Asmodeus predicted the fall of Solomon’s temple, if he could do that, that explains the reason…”

“The reason why he is so good at chess, the reason why he cannot be defeated,” Paul completed.

Paul felt his heart racing, but he controlled it, he lit ups another cigarette. 

“If losing the game I played with Asmodeus  cursed me, winning the game would erase the curse,” Paul said, stamping his feet.

“Well yes, but how do you intend to win a demon that can predict the future?” Sam asked with both hands on his head.

“This demon is everywhere, in the Talmudic Legend, Haggadic Legends, the book of Tobit; he was the spirit who murdered the seven men who had married Sarah daughter of Raguel, He is dangerous,”

“Well I am not scared,” Paul uttered.

“I would find that demon, I would win, I would be free, so is there anything else I need to know?”

“Paul, let us pray,”

“This isn’t about prayers, this is about chess, my entire life has been about chess, If God wasn’t there to save my mother from dying, why would he care about a chess game?”



Paul walked out of the library; right inside his car he took some more pills. His nose bleed, he cleaned it off with a white tissue. The drugs had numbed the pain, kept him strong. He drove home.

Kate was in the sitting room waiting for Paul, she had moved some of her belongings to his apartment to stay with him, she thought that would be the best way to take care of him. “Kate,”


“I am truly sorry Kate I…”

She hugged him tightly; it was obvious she had cried for too long. “Kate I guess is time I tell you something I should have told you a long time ago,”

Kate listened.

“I was born in the out sketch of Abuja- ”

He told her everything he said to Sam, but he didn’t speak of Asmodeus, How could she ever believe that? 

“Paul, you should have let me know about your past, that’s what being in a relationship is all about, loyalty Paul, loyalty,” She caught her breath. 

“Well Kate, I have got good news for you,” He said, reaching out for a wine. He poured some on one glass and on the other. 

“What’s the good news?” Kate said with a new smile gradually growing on her face.

“Let’s drink some first, shall we?” He quaffed his drink. She quaffed hers.

“So are you going to tell me now?”

Paul said nothing.

“Wait, wait a minute, did you just drug me?” she hurried up to her feet but fell, Paul caught her, lay her on the couch to sleep. “They are no good news,” he whispered. 

He reached out for her bags upstairs, stole something from her, picked up the chessboard in one of the shelves in the sitting room and walked out.

“Asmodeus, where art thou?” he whispered.

Asmodeus answered, but this wasn’t anything ordinary. It was some sort of spiritual connection. Somehow he just knew where Asmodeus was.

He arrived at the place, but this wasn’t any other place, it wasn’t a strange place either. It was the house in which he was born, dusty and abandoned by all. This was the very place it all began.

Paul came out of the car, lit a cigarette as he looked around, Asmodeus was inside. He could feel it. His nose bleed, this time his blood was black. He wiped it off and walked in. Memories of his younger self flashed in his head, when he ran through all the paths and corners of the house, playing hide and seek with his friend, when he read stories with his friend, when at the darkest of night he played chess with his friend. But Paul had no friends growing up. All he had was his imagination.

The red dusty chairs, the old radio, the broken table, the black mat. Every object brought back memories. Paul walked into his room, opened up his wardrobe, there he found his chess board, the first chess board he ever had, It was his birthday present when he clocked six. His father had destroyed it, burnt it in flames, but there it was looking new. 

“I made sure everything was safe, I knew this day would come,” Asmodeus was right behind him, dressed in black suit.


“Is that what you humans call me?”

“What do you want from me?” Paul asked.

Asmodeus laughed, “Don’t make this look like it is all about me, this is about you, the great chess player, you are dying aren’t you? Is that not why you are here? You know about me, you have read about me, didn’t you? now you are not just playing for the trophy you are playing for your life,” His voice sounded as though he was compassionate.

“You are different from the others, I wonder how you stand right there, with those damaged brains and gradually dying heart, oh! is it the drugs? They wouldn’t keep you for long; you have less than two days to live, and if you lose this game, you would die, your astral energy won’t be enough for you”.

“Let’s get this over with,” Paul said as he opened up the chess board. They both sat on the floor. 

“You don’t remember all this Paul?”


“The invisible friend,” Asmodeus said.

“I taught you everything,” he added. Paul recalled all those moments he had spoken with a shadow figure, the one he had called his friend, it wasn’t his Imagination afterall, It was Asmodeus.

They both sat on the floor, the same way they had sat down eighteen years ago, Asmodeus kept talking at every point of the game, playing the game with ease.

 “When no one was there, I was always there, when you prayed to God and he didn’t listen, I listened and on that night your father beat your mother  and burnt your chess board, you prayed didn’t you? But you didn’t pray to God, you prayed to me, because I always listened, you prayed you would never see him again”. Asmodeus smiled.

“You killed my father?”  Paul said, wiping the blood from his nose.

“You prayed so”.


Kate woke up, weak and woozy, she heard someone opened the door, she rolled out of the couch and ducked. Crawling while she observes and follows the sounds. The intruder slowly walked into the light, before he could say hello, he felt someone twist his arm. It was so quick; he was already on the floor when he realized he had been touched.


“Oh my God, Sam what are you doing here it is almost midnight,” Kate uttered as she let him loose. Sam stood up, “It is Paul, I think he is in trouble,” Sam had on a white shirt and a brown trouser. “Where do you think he is?” Kate asked looking at the empty glass on the table. “I don’t know, but I think I have a clue,” Sam replied.

“Paul drugged me before leaving, wherever this place is, it must be dangerous, I could track his phone,” She reached out for her phone, went up stairs to grab her jacket. Kate came downstairs looking dazed. 

“Sam, I can’t find my gun,”

“We need to hurry, if he tries to kill Asmodeus, He would end up killing the old man as well,”

“What are you talking about?”

“Paul didn’t tell you about Asmodeus?”

“There is a lot that Paul doesn’t say to me,” she frowned.

“Well we don’t have time for that, let’s go find him, I am driving,” Sam said walking out of the house.

Paul took some modafinil, his entire body system was filled with the drug. He lit ups another cigarette; he had smoked a half pack. His eyes fixed on the game, he wasn’t winning, and he wasn’t going to let the demon win. He had lost almost all the pieces in the game. All he had was a knight and a castle, an army of black pieces were closing in on the king. He kept protecting the king, the game wasn’t about winning anymore, it was about surviving.

“What happened to my mother, you killed her too right?”

“Well not just me, she was going to die either way, it’s all chess Paul, sometimes the queen has to die so that the king may live,” Asmodeus made a deadly move, Paul defended it. It cost the knight’s life. 

Paul was filled with anger, sadness, pain. He bleed profusely from his nose, It stained the King piece. He was losing his vision. He took some more modafinil, but nothing changed. The drugs wasn’t working anymore

“Stalemate,” Paul said with his mouth covered in black blood.

The demon looked at the game with a smile. “I always knew you were different, you believed so much in yourself, you are strong, I won’t take your life from you, I would take everything from you, I would become you, all this years I have watched you, I gave you everything you want; now I shall take back everything,” Asmodeus eyes darkened, It was nothing human anymore.

“Wait, one more game, the last game,” Paul struggled to speak. 

“You wouldn’t survive it, your astral body is weak, you are dying,” The demon examined Paul.

“If I die, then you too would die, I summoned you, now I would take you with me” Paul stood up bringing out Kate’s gun. All his life had been a game of chess, several decisions, and several sacrifices. Now all he had was his life, at this moment what could he do with it?

“Forgive me God,” Paul whispered.

Asmodeus black eyes looked dazed, for the first time, he couldn’t tell what was going to happen next.

The entire house went loud with the sound of gunshot, Kate and Sam heard it while they parked outside, they must have tracked Paul’s phone. 

 Kate crouched as she moved quickly into the building with a Jack knife. The room was cold and quiet as though no one had ever been here. She could perceive a cigarette burning in one of the rooms. She slowly walked inside of it, there she found Paul lying dead with a gun in his hands, a cigarette lay burning by his side, tablets of modafinil strewn around the room.

“No, no, nooo,” she screamed.

Sam ran into the room, did the sign of the cross as he turned away. “Where is Asmodeus?” he whispered.



The ancient Mesopotamians believed that the underworld is home to many demons,which are sometimes referred to as "offspring of arali ". These demons could sometimes leave the underworld and terrorize mortals on earth.

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