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Paul took off the drip; he stood breathing restlessly, Kate try to calm him down.

“What’s going on Paul? Please talk to me,” Paul said no word. He spoke

afterwards with a calm voice. “You brought your car with you?”


“Please take me home,” he held her both hands; trying to buy the trust he had lost.

He was still on those black shirt and black trouser, if it wasn’t for his perfume he

would have been stinking by now. Kate was on her uniforms, she had drop by from

work. She drove so fast, Paul dialed Sam’s number. It rang for a short while.


“Hello Paul, thank God you are okay, where are you right now?”

“I am heading home,”

“Are you sure you are okay?”

“I am fine, expect me in thirty minutes, I am going to need your library and several

other things,”

“Okay Paul,”

“Thank you”.

Paul met Kate’s eyes on him, despite her dangerous driving. “Paul you need your

rest, you need to tell me what is going on?” She uttered almost in tears. “Kate I

have been resting for three days, I don’t know what is going on,” he replayed his

words in his head wondering if he was saying the truth, he couldn’t tell if his words

were true or lies.

They arrive in five minutes. Paul hurried into the bathroom for a quick shower and

was dressed in black again. He had lost weight; his small eyes were even smaller,

his lips had dried up. Kate walked into the room. “You need to tell me what is

going on, ever since I met you there is always this mystery surrounding you, you

need to talk to me right now!”

“I am dying Kate!” he yelled back.

“I am dying, and I am afraid there is nothing I can do about it,” He walked out of

the room leaving Kate behind.

Paul dropped by a pharmacy, where he bought some modanfinil and some other

things that could keep him up and strong. When he arrived at Sam’s house, Sam

hugged him, glad that he was alive. “I think I know what happened to Adam,” Paul

said. “I think I know what happened to him too, but how about we go inside and

talk about it,” Sam said as he led the way.

“What’s that?” he said pointing at the white leather bag on Paul’s hands. “Drugs,”

“You bought a cigarette too, thought you quit smoking cigarettes? You know it

would kill you right?”

“Well Sam, right now, all these are the only things that can keep me alive, I could

slump at anytime, I could faint, I need the nicotine, I need the modanfinil”.

“Okay Paul, I understand, just be careful about this,” Sam uttered as he switched

off the TV. “So here is what I know about Adam’s death, Adam didn’t just die of

some sort of brain illness, I think there is something spiritual about it, while I was

in coma I heard this weird dream, I don’t know if it was a dream. I was playing

chess with my six year old self, there was something different about him, his eyes,

it was…it was…”


“Yes, demonic, It was as though I was playing chess with the devil,” Paul paused;

he raised his head up to look at Sam. Sam did the sign of the cross.

“Paul I made some research about Adams death, I realized that five good chess

players had died over the month of some sort brain illness; Thomas from Kaduna,

Chigozie from Anambra, Mubarak from Bauchi, Ayo from Lagos, Adam from

Abuja. What fascinates me is; it took the illness six days to kill them, the number

6, the devils number 666, there could be a connection”. Sam waited to hear Paul

say what he wants to hear.

“The night Adam died, the old man, the game, are you saying all this is connected

to the deaths ?” Paul asked.

“You felt ill after that night right?”


“Then I am afraid we don’t have much time,”

“But Sam, the dream I had…”

“It wasn’t a dream Sam, It was your consciousness, whatever this thing is, It seems

to be interested in you, It seems to have known you for a long time, We are not

dealing with a man here Paul, we are going after a Demon,” Sam face showed no

emotions, for the first time Paul saw Sam talked as the priest he never became.

“But why me?”

“The back of the past is the strongest of all, it carries everything upon it, including

the future of the future, now tell me Paul, who are you?” Paul paused looking at

Sam’s face, Sam was like a brother yet there was so much that Sam never knew

about him, but Paul was never proud of his past, it caused him so much pain,

shame, sadness. He reached out for the pack of cigarette and the lighter in his

pocket. “Can I?”

“Off course”.

Paul lights up the cigarette, puffed it out, then he began talking.

“I am broken Sam, I have learnt to be happy been broken, I have learnt to forget

that I am broken. I was born in the out sketch of Abuja, I lived with my mother

and my father in a small town. My Dad? I don’t think he likes my Mom that much,

he beats up my mother every night he comes back home. One night my father

broke my chess board, burnt it, he said it was beginning to control me; he beat my

Mother up saying my mother had given birth to a possessed child. That night when

he drove out, he died in a car accident; my mother died ten years after in her sleep.

Been a tough life for me then, I enrolled in the Nigerian chess competition and

scholarship award when I was sixteen, I won. That’s how I made it out; everything

had been great until now”.

Paul blew out the final haze. Waiting to hear Sam speak. “Who taught you how to

play chess?” he asked .

“Well I thought myself, I played with myself most times,” Paul uttered lighting up

another cigarette.

“Well Paul, if all those chess players had died because they played with some

strange demon in human flesh, I am afraid you have just two days to live,” Sam’s

eyes showed fear this time. The cigarette was unstable in Paul’s mouth,

“I have two days to live?”

To be continued..........

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