Friday, September 25, 2020


One thing that i find to be really disheartening about Christians is their lack of understanding of why one becomes an Atheist.

It genuinely makes me upset when i hear a Christian say that Atheists are just young millenials going through a "rebellious phase".  Many Christians will say whatever they can to de-validate one's rejection of religion. The thing is many Atheists were raised under some form of religion. Atheists are able to see both sides;  they are able to see the religious side that clings to faith and a side that relies on convincing evidence  to determine what is believable. Many Atheists  have time and time again analyzed Christians and understood why they became a Christian or why they remain committed to their faith. even if they don't feel the same way, many Atheists accept the reasons Christians have for being a Christian. many Atheists even study the bible much more than many Christians do, something which actually heightens the lack of religious belief or approval for Atheists.

however Christians continue to claim that Atheists "just don't understand" "are just depressed "or are "going through a phase"

This is a bubble. Many types of people all over the world dwell within these psychological bubbles that hinder their perception of the world around them, though it troubles me greatly about this specific bubble. Mainly due to how many people on our planet are Theistic Christians. I hold no qualms against Theism by itself, and i accept that a vast amount of people are in fact Theists, but when it comes to Theistic Christians, i find it quite ironic that those who don't believe in their God or religion understand both Christians and Atheists, while they often fail to do the same..


What do you think about this article? 

Do you have a different view or you agree with the writer?

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