Wednesday, June 24, 2020


It's 5pm, and  I'm so relieved to be going home after a stressful day at work. 

To make everything better, I got a bus ride immediately I crossed the road, I struggled to enter the bus while maintaining my balance at the same time because the driver didn't even bother to stop the bus for me to board properly.

I sat down and immediately put on my mind your business face just incase there is a chatter sitting close, I'm too stressed to talk or be polite right now. Few minutes later a man stood up to advertise his products, if you're one of those that board the bus frequently then you know that it's not an unusual sight to see a vendor advertising a product on the bus. 

Usually I put on my earpiece because sometimes I'm not interested in the products or the vendor sounds vague. 

But this particular vendor caught my attention. He sounded confident, so proud but in a good way. He was certain of himself and the products he was advertising, the way he spoke would make you want to purchase the products even if you didn't need it. After giving an amazing presentation, with a hopeful look he asked the passengers if anyone would like to purchase the products, nobody raised their hands, Ahn can you imagine? No one at all, hmm it's well, I felt bad for him, he was still sweating from all the talking and demonstration.

He asked again and few persons raised their hand and from these few persons, some wanted the products for a ridiculously low price, while some wanted it for free! Like seriously! These people have mind ooo, didn't they see the effort this man put into advertising these products to them, yet you will hear someone saying, “oga just dash me nau God go bless you, God go give you plenty customers and plenty money” Ahn Ahn nau, why do we like using God's name to cheat people? I asked, madam what if all his customers are like you people that want to pray for him instead of paying him? How will he earn to keep his business going, how will he earn to take care of himself and his family? Abi, you think God will come down from heaven to bless him? Of course not... It's the customers that purchase his products and pay him that God is using to bless him. Wow! What a beautiful speech, I was so proud of myself ehn! Too bad I was talking to these people in my head.... Hehe don't mind me, I meant it when I said I want to just mind my business and get home in peace.

Right on time! We were approaching my bus stop. Too bad I won't see the end of this drama between the passengers and the Vendor, conductor oo! I dey drop for here.. And as usual the driver slowed down instead of stopping, again i tried to maintain my balance while coming down from the bus and promising myself for the 100th time that I will never board a bus again before I lose my Tooth one day.....

My  dear EWE readers, share one experience you've had while boarding a bus.

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  1. Bus drivers around my axis are so fond of that behavior... I once fell into a guy's lap inside the bus because the driver didn't have the patience to let me sit down before zooming off

    1. Ouch! I can imagine..
      Those people don't have patience at all.

  2. Interesting and totally relatable, thank you.

    1. You're welcome Reuben.
      Stay tuned for new updates every Wednesday.