Wednesday, June 17, 2020


I don't even know where to begin, thank God no one is close by, at least I won't have to explain why I am dropping hot tears. 

It's one thing to dream and it's another for that dream to come true. I've just realized one dream from the list of dreams I have, which bring us back to the reason I'm dropping hot tears, hot tears of joy to be precise lol.

Before I continue, please permit me to call you my “EWE reader” lol yes You! You that have taken out time to begin this journey with me, “THANK YOU”

Growing up, I wouldn't call myself a writer or a storyteller naahhh in fact, I used to say to myself and anyone who cared to listen that I didn't have any talent. Along the line I found myself writing, something prompted me to write, my first written piece was on a very popular topic, maybe one day I will tell you what it was. 

I got encouraged to build my writing skills by someone special to me. I thought of ways to use my writing to impact lives and give hope, I know this sounds very cliché but trust me after spending time with EWE, you would forget it ever did.

Journey with me on the path of change and rediscovery, let us build a community of people living their realities, building strength and giving hope.

I won't even lie, this has not been a simple journey, it took me years to summon the courage to face my fears.

Here we are today.

Cheers to realizing our dreams

Cheers to a new beginning

Cheers to EWE readers!!!

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